we are a firm that loves design and colour and happy places even more. Our design philosophy is to keep it simple, functional and yet good looking. Everybody deserves a space they enjoy being in. We love working on houses, restaurants and offices or even man caves. We also believe that there is nothing as a small project or a large project. As long as you like us, and are happy to accept what we offer- we have ourselves a deal.


sona reddy, principal arcitect at SRS is a master degree holder in Architecture and Construction Management along with worthy experience in a reputed firm in Bangalore as a junior architect. Moving on, she became a field engineer in Robert.F. Kennedy School, LAUSD built to date in the United States of America. After working for close to four years in the field of architecture and construction, she moved to Hyderabad to tread a path to her passion of creating a home décor store by the name of 'Room Therapy.

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